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很酷的克利夫兰,维克多 & Elsa Lucas | 2018年1月19日

巴西剧团Grupo Corp舞蹈进入剧场广场

你的父母支持你的职业选择吗? 在一个高度不科学的调查中, we've asked dancers and choreographers how much their parents supported them. Many of the men described parental indifference or outright hostility to a career in dance.

A very few experienced enthusiastic support from their parents, but none 更多的 so than the parents of Rodrigo Pederneiras, 集团编舞, a Brazilian modern dance company performing this weekend at the Ohio Theatre in PlayhouseSquare.

根据《betvlctor网页版》的一篇文章, the Pederneiras siblings convinced their parents to move out of their house so that the kids could start a modern dance company. 假新闻? We reached Pederneiras in Belo Horizonte, Brazil and asked him. 他笑了.

Rodrigo pederneira:这是真的! We are four brothers and two sisters, and we started to study dance. But there was no professional dance company in Belo Horizonte so we decided to start our own. We had no money and no name but we convinced our parents to move out of their only house and rent an apartment so we could start Grupo Corpo in the house where I was born. So, 在我们的第一个作品中, 玛丽亚玛丽亚, we were 12 dancers including three Pederneiras brothers and two Pederneiras sisters. The fourth brother, Paulo, was the artistic director, the mind, the captain of the troupe.

CC: We understand that you weren't the choreographer at first, 玛丽亚是由别人设计的.

记者:正确. 玛丽亚玛丽亚 was choreographed by an Argentine choreographer, Oscar Araiz, who was my teacher. 我以前在布宜诺斯艾利斯和他一起跳舞. The piece he created for us with Milton Nascimento and Fernando Brandt became a huge success. 我们在六年中访问了14个不同的国家. 我们经常和玛丽亚一起旅行. Then in 1980 Araiz created O Ultimo Trem (The Last Train) for Grupo Corpo and after this I started choreographing for Grupo Corpo and I'm still here. (笑.)

CC: So you've been the principal choreographer for Grupo Corpo for all these years.

RP:是的,我为Grupo公司创作了26件作品. 我们还有Araiz的两件作品. 1988年,我们邀请了德国编舞苏珊娜·林克(Susanne Linke). 三年前,我们邀请了一位新的编舞.

CC:你指的是前公司成员吗, Cassi Abranches, 苏特·布兰卡的舞蹈指导, Grupo Corpo在克利夫兰的演唱会在哪里开场?

记者:是的, in Sute Branca, White Suite, we wanted a white paper. 我们要书写新的历史. 我们想重新装修我们的公司. 翻新? 有一个词? 卡西和我们一起当了12年的舞者, 当她开始编舞时, we began following her and we love her work and now we want her beside me. The idea was to start over because (laughs) I'm getting old. 我们认为我们需要革新. 一些新的东西.

CC:你们不是唯一喜欢她作品的人., 由和为舞蹈专业人士提供的在线出版物, described Sute Branca as "a contemporary dance of epic proportions." They went on and on about how much they liked the piece. Let's try to give our readers an idea what to expect in Sute Branca. 请谈谈萨缪尔·罗莎的器乐乐谱.

RP:是的,塞缪尔·罗莎是贝洛奥里藏特的作曲家. We have been looking for an opportunity to work with him for many years. With his group Skank he plays a kind of rock and roll and we thought it would be good music for Cassi to work with. 节目里的另一支舞, Dana Sinfnica, we invited a composer we're working with for the fifth time, 马可Antnio Guimares. 对我来说,他是巴西最好的作曲家之一. He created a piece for orchestra and had it recorded by Philharmonic Orchestra of Minas Gerais, 一个非常, very good orchestra which is also based here in Belo Horizonte.

马可·安东尼奥是个天才. In addition to his work with orchestras, he was leader of a small group called Uakte. 不幸的是,乌克特已经不存在了. 我不知道他们之间有什么问题. But Uakte played instruments designed and built by Marco Antnio. 不是传统乐器. 乌克特独有的乐器. And he used these instruments in the links between the 12 orchestral passages of Dana Sinfnica.

答:是的,我读过BETVLCTOR网页版注册乌克特的乐器. 其中一些是PVC管. 有些人利用水而不是空气来产生声音.

RP:都是Marco antonio设计的. The idea of both the music and the choreography for Dana Sinfnica is to look back and create a kind of tribute to the people who have worked with us, 对技术人员, 艺术家, friends and everybody who helped us to become a 43-year-old dance company, 这在巴西是不正常的. 我们有一个大背景,有1080张照片. 找每个人的照片要费不少功夫.

CC: We notice that you and all your collaborators in this concert are from Belo Horizonte.

记者:是的, we wanted it that way because both these pieces were created for our 40th anniversary and we wanted to do it with people that we know and trust, 无论是艺术上还是个人上.


帕:当我们在1975年开始的时候, 贝洛奥里藏特是一个小城市, 非常安静, and it was good for us because it was easier to focus on our work. 现在,贝洛奥里藏特不再是一个小城市. 它有250万人口. 它是巴西第三大人口密集区. Many people from Belo Horizonte used to go to Rio and So Paulo to work. 过去比较容易. But today Belo Horizonte has many, many people creating in dance, in music, in theater. 现在我觉得汤好像非常非常热. 沸腾. 现在我觉得贝洛奥里藏特是一个沸腾的城市.

CC: Cleveland dance audiences haven't seen much of your work lately. In 2015 Ballet Jazz de Montreal performed a piece you choreographed for them, ROUGE. Grupo Corpo以前在克利夫兰betvlctor网页版过吗?


CC: So let's give our Cleveland dance audiences an introduction to Grupo Corpo. 他们跳什么样的舞?

RP: I love to think that we bring a kind of dance that could only come from Brazil. At the same time, we are 一个非常 good contemporary company. Sometimes we create dances with 更多的 Brazilian colors and sometimes not. And I love to think that we do the very best we can in our performances, 的编排, 灯, 服装, 一切, 必须是完美的.

Presented by DanceCleveland, Grupo Corpo performs at the Ohio Theatre Sat 1/20 and Sun 1/21. 门票25 - 60美元. 去playhousesquare/ group -corpo或打电话 .

There will also be a free contemporary dance master class for advanced dancers led by Grupo Corpo Fri 1/19 @ 4-5:30pm at the Cleveland State University Theatre and Dance Department's Middough Building . 注册在这里.

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